Peppol API

Peppol API is a communication platform based on API technology for exchanging electronic documents with customers, suppliers, and public bodies connected to the Peppol network.

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An access point
to the world

The A-Cube Peppol platform helps you exchange compliant electronic documents with the hundreds of thousands of international organizations and companies that are part of the network.

A-Cube API monitoring dashboard

With our dashboard, you can monitor consumption and access comprehensive usage statistics, including both total and aggregated by VAT.

Easily manage incoming and outgoing document flows, and analyze them using numerous filters.

Dashboard webhooks give you the flexibility to determine how the A-Cube platform interacts with your systems and tailors its behavior to the companies you manage.

In real time

Documents are instantly received and sent to the Peppol Access Point in real time, eliminating the need for queues or bulk sendings.


The A-Cube Peppol API conducts all activities automatically, interacting with your systems according to the rules you have set.


The platform is designed to handle the traffic of both small businesses and large e-commerce platforms with the same simplicity.


A-Cube is accredited by the European and Italian authority (AgID) and is an integral part of the Peppol eDelivery Network, in compliance with relevant European directives.

Flexible support

A-Cube provides a comprehensive Customer Care Plan, offering live support via e-mail, bulletin boards, and SLA.

Monitoring dashboard

Use a customized dashboard to monitor usage and billing flows and configure the platform to suit your needs.

Data compliance

Our automated processes and checks ensure invoices are properly managed in terms of tax compliance.

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Technical details

Simple integrations,
excellent results

Thanks to OpenAPI 3.0 specification and webhooks, integration with A-Cube API is breeze.

A Cube API

Explore the product at your own pace in our sandbox environment, where you can trial the Peppol network for the integration process.

A Cube API
A Cube API

A-Cube API is fluent in both JSON and XML, facilitating quick and easy integration. You have the flexibility to choose whether to send an invoice in the original XML format or its JSON counterpart.

A Cube API
A Cube API

Access detailed documentation outlining all API calls and document management flows, also available in the OpenAPI JSON format for your convenience.

A Cube API
A Cube API

The APIs are customizable in order to suit your needs. Configure the A-Cube API platform to respond dynamically by sending real-time messages to your webhooks.

A Cube API

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